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[mi:t]spiel for violin and video

Premiered September 26th 2023 | Seoul, Korea

Nilufar Mukhiddinova, Vn

Commissioned by Ensemble SONOR XXI

for "SONOR XXI Composer's Series | Hommage à Beethoven"

Programm Notes (EN)

Nowadays, we can usaully and easily find out many videos in our life. The videos are no more uncommon things of our life. 

Unfortunately, the global world took Covid-Pandemic. Before this unexpected situation, we used videos only for watching or viewing(passively), however, after that, the things (videos) have been developed that we can use it such as Lives funktion “face to face”.  In addition, these days, through the medias and videos, everybody can positevely contact and comunicate each other.

Because of Covid, many concerts had canceled. At that time, we could not join to a “real” orchestra concert, which means, audience could not meet in the concert hall and also orchestra players could not meet either. Therefore, most of people took and watched video in their home and should take satisfaction themselves. While I am watching for concert’s videos, I realised that “why don’t I try to combine between performed videos by “conductors” and “little ensemble or a instrumental player”. That is actual my starting point to make this piece.

In some parts of orchestra concert’s video, we can easily find and see some conductor’s independant parts. In these parts, sometimes, I found out my musical ideas from conductor’s conducting. Especially, for instance, Gustav Mahler Symphony No. 1 (Lucerne Festival Orchestra) conducted by Claudio Abbado and Johannes Brahms Symphony No. 4 (Bayerische National Orchester) conducted by Carlos Kleiber.

From these two videos, I took typical and musical parts that gave me alot musical influences. Thus, I edited it shortly. After that, I created myself, sometimes, I repeated these scenes, mixed up and rearraged theses scenes. I believed that theses are basic skills and effections. So, I took these skills and effections and then I made my video. Alos, at the sametime, I composed music for violin solo which we can also feel my musical idea in my video. 

If you read my title with a round bracket, we can see phonetic sign which means “meet”. If with out a round bracket, we can find out “mit in German”, which means “together”. 

The title was set to reflect the paradoxical characteristics of this work, where they meet face-to-face and make music together through videos, however, could not meet or work together in a “real time”.

as part of "SONOR XXI Composer's Series | Hommage à Beethoven"

This project is sponsored by Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture

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